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Brooklyn, NY

I am a practicing designer, artist, and educator whose work focuses on the intersection of graphic design and painting in contemporary culture. I am interested in exploring the complexity of emotions and identity as amalgamations of memories, relationships, and experiences which unfold out of a layered spectrum. I work intuitively and use the physical act of making as a form of artistic research. 

My work is a visual response to personal experiences and a reinterpretation of consumed media told through abstraction and patterning. The use of repetition and pattern-making is integral to the work that I create. Patterns carry vivid associations much like symbols or words do. Patterns not only represent systems for growth, but also are a means through which we understand the world around us and ourselves. 

My body of work includes painting, drawing, ceramics, logo and website design. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing . creative projects such as these.

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